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Sample image taken on the Silver Gem Pinhole Camera


We have the largest selection of pinhole products in the UK.

World Wide Pinhole Photography Day was on the 28th April this year,but if you wish to see all the great pinhole photos from this year and previous years go to

Photography is changing in many ways but let's try and keep the fun and inspiritational element in it and enjoy and celebrate using our own design of cameras and invent new styles and new techniques.

For advice and information or just a chat about Pinhole Photography please telephone: Tim Norgate on 07810125768 any evening.

To see some of my pinhole photos go to my flickr gallery.

Presenting the Pinhole Photographer's Watch.

We are for a limited period offering this interesting watch with F numbers on its face instead of regular numbers, and a Brass Pinhole Exposure Calculator with a Pinhole Factory wristband. A unique gift for any photographer.

The price with postage & packing is only £37.50 in the UK.


Just added to our range of torches, myTorch the first smart torches in the world. Torches equiped with USB sockets? Find out more here

To help everyone into Pinhole Photography we are offering an economical way of turning your film or digital SLR camera into a pinhole camera by fitting an etched pinhole lens into your black body cap.

Body cap pinhole lens from Pinhole Solutions

If you want to take advantage of this opportunity, just send your body cap to us, with a cheque made payable to P & L Solutions, and we will fit the appropriate size pinhole lens and supply a dial calculator for just £35 and return, completed, within a week.

Or you can pay on line, then send your body cap to us to fit the pinhole lens.

P & L Solutions


To order any of our products, please phone or email - Visa, Mastercard and Switch are accepted.

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