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It all started back in 1882, Hong Kong was churning out all manner of cameras and ho gwong was born, meaning very bright but after a short while it was altered to Holga for the European markets. The idea was to make a medium format camera at a reasonable price and they succeeded. Since then this curious camera with its plastic body and quirky lens has captured the imagination of photographers from around the world.

Holga Flash Camera Starter Kit
The Holga Camera produces great images with its semi wide-angle lens and professional seize medium format film, a long exposure option and the ability to shoot multiple exposures on the same frame.
The Lens is the heart and soul of the Holga. A simple multi-element plastic lens that radiates colour and makes total image sharpness take a brief holiday. Also some vignetting may occur round the edges, but this all adds to the Holga’s charm.
120 Medium format film produces great images with built in quality due to the format seize, as it is 4 times the seize of 35 mm and has been the choice of professionals cameras for over 100 years.

Our price inc P & P £60.00

Pinhole Factory Presentation Case

Frog eye camera
Terrific underwater 35 mm camera with flash and a top quality glass lens.
Comes complete with a neoprene carry case, batteries and full instructions.
Take a dive into a puddle, stream, river, swimming pool or your bath to a depth of 4 metres.

Our Price inc P & P £60.00

Magnetic Monopod from Pinhole Solutions

Fish Eye Camera
A 35 mm Fisheye camera with flash, captures an incredible 170 degrees angle of view. See life the way a goldfish might if it went to parties, city tours or just wild people.

Our Price inc P & P £40.00

The VS41 Flexible Wire Tripod

Fish Eye Circle Cutter
Don’t be square turn your favourite photo’s and documents into perfect circles, 3 Settings, 6.5 cm,8.5 cm, and 9.5 cm.
Great for albums, wall displays and gallery shows.

Our Price inc P & P £12.00

The VS55 Table Top Tripod

Octomat Camera
The amazing 35 mm camera with 8 lenses, 1 snap 8 images on one print.
Once the camera is triggered each lens takes a photo separately over a 2 second period, fantastic!

Our Price inc P & P £35.00

The VS30 Low Level Tripod

Action Sampler Camera
Another great idea camera, same as above but with 4 lenses, takes staggered action shots, all on 1 photo.

Our price inc P & P £20.00

The VS90 Miniature Full Function Tripod

Clips “100” Bag
A super new way to display your photographs.

Our price inc P & P £6.00

Tabletop Tripod and Clamp

Tabletop Tripod and Clamp

Side Kick Bags
An exciting range of bags that have extra detachable pockets, great use.

Our Price:

Large Khaki £60.00

Medium Black £40.00

Small Gray £35.00


A large part of the pleasure of pinhole photography is being out 'on location' and you will certainly need a good quality camera bag and tripod to keep your camera safe, sound and steady. Here we offer a good selection which we have found particularly suitable for our range of pinhole cameras.


Magnetic Monopod with Ball & Socket
This monopod is great to have around and can fit into almost any gadget bag. If you wish to attach a camera, binoculars or spotting scope to your car or any other ferrous metal surface the large magnetic base will grip and hold all but the heaviest of equipment. This is particularly good for cameras but especially pinhole cameras - as they always need some support with the long exposures that are necessary. The magnetic base is also strong enough to hold lightweight CCTV cameras if they do not have to be permanently attached or need to be moved regularly. The monopod is 190mm High and the base is 90mm across.

This item is out of stock

Magnetic Monopod from Pinhole Solutions

The VS 41 Flexible Wire Tripod
This handy, lightweight, pocket sized tripod is just right to keep in the camera case or gadget bag and yet is strong enough to carry almost all modern cameras. Max. ht. 130mm, Min. ht. 110mm, Wgt. 60g.

Our price only £5.00

The VS41 Flexible Wire Tripod

The VS 55 Table Top Tripod
This lightweight miniature tripod has a ball head and double extension legs. It is very stable in use and folds down to a very compact size. Max. ht. 203mm, Min. ht. 107mm, Wgt 135g.

Our price only £13.50

The VS55 Table Top Tripod

The VS 30 Low Level Tripod
This extremely robust low-level tripod is great for getting a new perspective on the world with your pinhole photography. Just the thing for all you creatives out there! It has a 2-way head for extra control and folds flat when not in use. Max. ht. 130mm, Min. ht 130mm, Wgt. 360g.

Our price only £15.00

The VS30 Low Level Tripod

The VS 90 Miniature Full Function Tripod
This extremely stable table tripod has a 3- way panhead with bubble level, quick release platform, direct handle and adjustable height. A must when you need a proper tripod but do not want to carry a full sized one about. Max. ht. 515mm, Min. ht. 300mm, Wgt 740g.

Our price only £29.00

The VS90 Miniature Full Function Tripod

Camera Clamp or Table Top Tripod
This nice handy tripod, that turns into a clamp, is great for taking with you wherever you go. Not only will the ball & socket support your camera but it will also adjust to any angle. When you use it as a clamp the legs can be neatly stored in the body of the unit so it flat packs into any gadget bag.

Our price only £32.00

Tabletop Tripod and Clamp

Bubble Spirit Level
This is just what you need if you do not have a viewfinder on your camera. The bubble tells you when the camera is upright and stops your verticals from leaning all over the place. Complete with self-adhesive pad and screw holes.

Our price only £12.00

The Sunrise/Sunset Calculator and Compass.
As an aid to all photographers, house buyers and gardeners, this handy device will help with the preparation and planning of all outdoor photography, house purchasing or conservatory installation and deciding where to place and get the most from your valuable new plants.

We all know that the sun should rise in the East and set in the West but this is not very accurate as the tilt in the axis of the Earth means that sunrise and sunset vary throughout the year by as much as 70 degrees in six months. So if you are planning for a future landscape photograph or a major project it would help to know where and when the sun will be rising or setting in six months time.

Our price is only £30 including P&P.

The Sunrise/Sunset Calculator and Compass

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