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For those who want the fun and satisfaction of making their own pinhole camera we offer a number of kits which give you the chance of exploring the possibilities of pinhole photography at modest cost.

Pinwide Lens

The Pinwide, Pinhole Lens Adapter for Micro Four Thirds Cameras.

The heart of Pinwide lens is its flawless pinhole aperture. Made with the same precision technology used to manufacture semiconductors, the perfectly round pinhole was selected after extensive testing to ensure the highest sharpness. The result is an image that closely matches the look and feel of traditional analog pinhole photography.

We gave the Pinwide lens the widest focal length ever offered for a digital camera. The pinhole is recessed inside the camera, allowing for an ultra wide 11mm (22mm equivalent). For the first time, your digital shots can have the astounding scope and gorgeous vignette that come with wide angle pinhole lenses.
With fantastic depth of field and a super wide field of view, the Pinwide lets you create incredible near/far shots, which would be impossible with a normal lens. Place the camera in the grass, and even the closest blades of grass will be as sharp as the trees in the background.

Looking through the Pinwide for the first time, it's impossible not to be amazed. But it's when you take your first digital pinhole photograph that you'll be delighted. All the beauty of pinhole photography, but with a live viewfinder, adjustable ISO, auto exposure and even video. Welcome to the world of pinhole photography.

Go to our flickr group
To see pinwide pictures, captured by you.
Compatible with Micro Four Thirds Cameras except the Panasonic AF 100.

Aperture f 96-f128
Field of View 80 degrees
Focal length 11 mm (22 mm Equivalent)

Price £40 inc P & P in the UK

Here are couple of sample images we took using the Pinwide mounted on a Panasonic DMC G2 camera.

The Stenoflex

The Stenoflex is a complete pinhole camera kit in a box.

The cardboard box functions as the camera. Inside you will find 10 sheets of photographic paper (about 3.5 inches/9 cm square), a red
safelight filter so you can set up your own darkroom, developer and fixer with full instructions.

In a dark room, remove one of the photographic sheets from the lightproof bag, and place it in position in the holder inside the camera. You then close the camera, and you are ready to take a picture.
The 'hand' at one side of the box functions as the shutter - when you pull the hand, the pinhole slides into position, and the photographic film is exposed to the light. Once you have taken the picture, slide the hand back, and you close the pinhole shutter. On a sunny day, 20 seconds will be sufficient for a correct exposure. On an overcast day, you might need an exposure as long as 40 seconds. Then it is back to the darkroom!
You will need to add water to dissolve the crystals of developer and fixer. In the darkroom, remove the exposed photograph from the camera and place it in the developer. You will see the image appear. Once the image has developed fully, approx 2 minutes, transfer the picture to the fixer. After the picture has been fixed, 2 minutes, you then rinse it and allow it to dry.
Your image will of course be a black and white negative. There are two ways of creating a positive image. You can either scan the image into your computer and use imaging software to reverse the picture, to give you a positive. Or you can place the negative on top of a fresh piece of photographic film, turn on the light for a few seconds, and then develop the print that you have created. This contact print will now be the right way round. If the image is to dark, shorten the exposure or too light make it longer .

A video is available on here on Youtube.

The Stenoflex Kit costs £27 inc P & P



The Complete Pinhole Photography Starter Kit

(Just add light and water!)The Complete Pinhole Starter Kit from Pinhole Solutions Recently added to our range, this is a unique starter kit containing everything needed for the first time pinhole photographer.

The outfit consists of a wooden pinhole camera, chemicals, b&w; photographic paper, safelight, trays, gloves, tweezers and a pin.

Assembling the kit couldn't be easier. Once the camera is complete you slide a folded black card into the camera to hold the photographic paper on which you take your photograph. The pin is used to make the aperture in the inner box and a wooden shutter controls the exposure. Once the paper is processed you have the negative which can then be contact printed to produce the finished image. There is a 24 page booklet which gives a history of photography and full instructions to help you start exploring the fascinating art of pinhole photography.

This kit would be the ideal foundation for an educational photographic project as well as great fun for the hobbyist and it only costs £30 inc. P&P.

Build-it-yourself 35mm Pinhole Camera Kit

Also available through P&L; Solutions is a 35mm Compact Camera Kit complete with viewfinder,and wind on mechanism. However, this self assembly outfit also contains all you need to assemble a 35 mm pinhole camera - making it the first truly modern pinhole camera accessible to all, as well as being easy to use. The pinhole lens has an aperture of approx f/180 and a focal length of 28mm. Complete instructions with hints and tips are included on how to get the best out of the camera, it's also great fun to make and use.

The price is £20 inc. P&P.

The Bulldog 5x4 Self Assembly Camera Kit

This is a new type of camera kit, laser cut out of MDF to very precise measurements - you just push out the different parts and glue them together. Also provided are all the metal components that allow you to have a rising front and lateral movement of the front panel. The Bulldog accepts standard double dark slides as well as a Polaroid back (the spring loaded back has a ground glass screen). This camera also accepts a standard Linhof lens panel for regular use with the appropiate lens but comes complete with a double etched pinhole lens - so once made up it can be used straight away as a large format pinhole camera with a variable focal length, 50 mm to 200mm.

The Bulldog 5x4 camera kit

The Bulldog is made in the UK and is on offer for £225 as a pinhole camera including exposure calculator and carriage. This item is back in stock. The 10x8 Version is now available at £300, please phone for details. 

Bulldog 5x4 kit
Bulldog 10x8 kit

Your own Camera Obscura

Complete with its own tripod we are pleased to present your first camera obscura. These ingenius devices were used by famous painters such as Vermeer as an aid to more accurate representations on canvas. The Camera Obscura is made up of two boxes (one goes inside the other) with a lens at the end of one and a screen at the end of the other. The lens projects an inverted image onto the screen - this is how it always used to be before prisms were used to correct this on modern cameras.

Laser cut pinhole lenses
Laser cut pinhole lenses

The Camera Obscura is self assembly and comes complete at a cost of £15.00 including carriage in the UK.

New Double Etched Pinhole Lenses made in the UK
We are very pleased to offer these new pinhole lenses as an alternative to laser cut lenses. I think these are a more "natural" type of manufactured pinhole as the etching process creates a saucer shaped depression around the pinhole on both sides of the shim so you do not have the tube effect that is made by the laser cutting process. These pinhole lenses are available in four different sizes in a 1cm Laser cut pinhole lensesdisc: 0.1mm, 0.2mm, 0.3mm, 0.4mm and 0.5mm. Also included is a full instruction leaflet with a focal length/f-number chart and suggestions for alternative types of pinhole cameras.The exposure calculator which is enclosed is a great help for determining the exposure for any type of pinhole camera.

The cost of each is £15.00 inc. P & P (if you need advice on which size is best for you, please phone or e-mail and we will be happy to discuss which will be right for your pinhole camera design).

Order 0.1mm Pinhole Lens
Order 0.2mm Pinhole Lens
Order 0.3mm Pinhole Lens
Order 0.4mm Pinhole Lens
Order 0.5mm Pinhole Lens


Silver Shims

For those of you who want the ultimate in pinhole lenses we can now offer silver shims for making your own pinhole lens. These are 1cm discs which are 5/1000th of an inch thick and make beautiful pinhole lenses.

For just £10.00 you get 10 shims (full instructions included).

The Pinhole Photography Guide

The Pinhole Photography Guide from Pinhole SolutionsThis pocket-sized back-to-basics guide is a must for all advocates of pinhole photography. It gives a wonderful range of hints and tips on using and making pinhole cameras (from a variety of objects such as a biscuit tin to a dustbin) and even old and incomplete cameras without their lenses. This 38-page book has some interesting examples of pinhole photography and gives a brief history of all aspects of pinholes and their uses.

Available for just £8.50

Our price for this super book is only £7.50 inc P&P;.
Click to see th

T-Nuts as tripod mount for wooden cameras

The Pinhole Photography Guide from Pinhole Solutions


If you would like an inexpensive mount this is for you. Available in two depths these ¼" whitworth threaded nuts will fit a 3/10 hole and grip in position. Very easy to fit and available in 1cm and 1.5cm.

Buy two for £6.00

Order two 1cm T-Nuts

Order two 1.5cm T-Nuts




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