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The Pinhole Factory - pinhole cameras and accessories exclusive to Pinhole Solutions


Pinhole photography is a The Pinhole Factory range of cameras and accessories from Pinhole Solutionswonderful way of recapturing the pioneer spirit of early photography while at the same time learning the photographic techniques that modern The Tower - taken on the Silver Gemelectronic cameras have helped us overlook. We want to give you the opportunity to join this fun hobby and to this end we are introducing an extended range of cameras, produced under the Pinhole Factory label and available exclusively through us.

Based in the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter, The Pinhole Factory is producing a complete range of top quality pinhole cameras and accessories with exclusive distribution through our mail order service.

Double Etched Pinhole Lenses made in the UK
Laser cut pinhole lenses
We are very pleased to offer these new pinhole lenses as an alternative to laser cut lenses. I think these are a more "natural" type of manufactured pinhole as the etching process creates a saucer shaped depression around the pinhole on both sides of the shim so you do not have the tube effect that is made by the laser cutting process. These pinhole lenses are available in five different sizes in a 1cm disc: 0.1mm,0.2mm, 0.3mm, 0.4mm and 0.5mm. Also included is a full instruction leaflet with a focal length/f-number chart and suggestions for alternative types of pinhole cameras.The exposure calculator which is enclosed is a great help for determining the exposure for any type of pinhole camera.

The cost of each is £15.00. inc. P & P (if you need advice on which size is best for you, please phone or e-mail and we will be happy to discuss which will be right for your pinhole camera design).

Order 0.1mm Pinhole Lens
Order 0.2mm Pinhole Lens
Order 0.3mm Pinhole Lens
Order 0.4mm Pinhole Lens
Order 0.5mm Pinhole Lens


Silver Shims
For those of you who want the ultimate in pinhole lenses we can now offer silver shims for making your own pinhole lens. These are 1cm discs which are 5/1000th of an inch thick and make beautiful pinhole lenses.

For just £10.00 you get 10 shims (full instructions included).


The Keyring Classic
The Keyring Classic Exposure Calculator from The Pinhole Factory. is the latest version of the Pinhole Factory's Brass exposure calculator. This can be used with any pinhole camera and any exposure meter to calculate how long the exposure is with pinhole camera or lens - it's a must for all pinhole photographers. All you need to do is rotate the dial to your meter setting, then read off the exposure time by your pinhole aperture. The calculator also has a handy key ring so it can be attached to your camera case or a set of keys.


The Classic Pinhole Exposure Calculator, Key ring, is priced at £12 inc. VAT and P &P.

The Sunreis/Sunset Calculator and Compass from Pinhole SolutionsNew to our range is The Sunrise/Sunset Calculator and Compass.
As an aid to all photographers, house buyers and gardeners this handy device will help with the preparation and planning of all outdoor photography, house purchasing or conservatory installation and deciding where to place and get the most from your valuable new plants.

We all know that the sun should rise in the East and set in the West, but this is not very accurate as the tilt in the axis of the Earth means that sunrise and sunset varies throughout the year by as much as 70 degrees in six months. So if you are planning for a future landscape photograph or a major project it would help to know where and when the sun will be rising or setting in six months time.

Our price is only £30 including P&P


The Pinhole Factory can Pinhole Lens Adapter for SLR cameras give the owners of 35mm SLR cameras the opportunity to try pinhole photography with their existing equipment!

The Pinhole Lens Adapter is made from black anodised metal fitted with a double etched  Pinhole Lens. This adapter will fit any film or digital SLR camera with a T2 mount and gives a focal length equivalent to a 35mm wide-angle lens for film cameras and 50mm for a digital SLR camera it has  a working aperture of about f/180.

The Pinhole Lens Adapter costs £30 and comes with a paper exposure calculator.

We can also supply a T2 A.F. mount for just £10.

T2 mount for Canon

T2 mount for Nikon

T2 mount for Pentax

T2 mount for Minolta




JUST ADD GLUE! Two new inexpensive cameras are now available. These  5x4 Pinhole Camera DIY Kits are pre-cut by laser, so they are very easy to assemble and glue together.

The PC90 pinhole camera kit from Pinhole Solutions.

The Watkins PC 50 and PC 90 camera kits are based on the Watkins Classic 50 and 90 cameras but in kit form and have reduced prices so they are very keenly priced. Accurately cut out of MDF, these cameras are easy to assemble and come complete with two tripod mounts, a shutter and a brass mounted double etched 0.3mm pinhole lens. Both cameras have etched sighting lines and are supplied with an exposure calculator, they will accept double dark slides and a Polaroid back for quick and easy results.


The PC 50 costs £55

The PC 90 is £60 inc. carriage in the UK.


The Watkins Classic 50 pinhole camera from Pinhole Solutions

The Watkins Classic 50 Super Wide Angle camera has a 50mm f/180 brass lens and two sets of sighting pins to help frame the subject in both the portrait and landscape format. It is also fitted with a tripod bush to compliment the portrait sighting pins. The camera has a roll locking system that securely holds most double dark slides or instant film backs. As with all of our cameras, it is crafted by a professional cabinet maker.

The roll locking system on the Watkins Classic range

 The Watkins Classic 50 is priced at £135 including VAT and P&P




T-Nuts as tripod mount for wooden cameras

The Pinhole Photography Guide from Pinhole Solutions


If you would like an inexpensive mount this is for you. Available in two depths these ¼" whitworth threaded nuts will fit a 3/10 hole and grip in position. Very easy to fit and available in 1cm and 1.5cm.

Buy two for £6.00

Order two 1cm T-Nuts

Order two 1.5cm T-Nuts

Except where stated all prices include VAT. Please ask for details on delivery abroad. All trademarks are acknowledged as belonging to their respective companies. Offers subject to availability. Specifications subject to change.




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